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The whirlwind that was 2013

Another season is behind us, and later today we will honor the Teamkong Player of the Year as chosen by the fans. [READ]

The playoff picture, clear as mud

While the playoff scenarios vary, the odds are most of them will be settled on the field over the next two Saturdays. [READ]

Running game gets Gorillas back on track

After a difficult October, with one loss, the Gorillas bounced back with a convincing win over the #4 ranked Griffons and they did it by running the football. Also, two inductees to the PSU HOF this weekend have football ties. [READ]

Could this be the final Fall Classic at Arrowhead?

Until a couple of weeks ago, the MIAA schedule told us the PSU and NW rivalry would take a two-year hiatus. Now the series is back on, but where? We have a guess. [READ]

The only constant is change in the MIAA

Its becoming an annual event, more change in the school membership in the MIAA. Is there more to come? [READ]

Analysis of writer's "apology"

There was somewhat of an attempt to apologize to those offended by the Tuesday Chanute Tribune article. As you read their comments it quickly become apparent there is no remorse only excuses. [READ]

Article reminds us what school pride really means

The Chanute Tribune Sports editor attended his first Gorilla game last Saturday and sat in the pressbox. He then wrote a column making fun of Pittsburg, PSU and everything in-between. Read his hack job and my reply. [READ]

Family Day in The Jungle – Enter stadium by 6:30

Random Thoughts about Family Day vs Southwest Baptist [READ]

Experience and Confidence

On Saturday, Anthony Abenoja's eighty-six rushing yards showed he is not just a passing QB and Is experience has given him the confidence to be an outstanding leader for the Gorillas. [READ]

Remember: 5:50 and 6:50 PM this Saturday

Fans need to make note of the above times before Saturdays game. Two events they will not want to miss. [READ]

Pitt's keys to success for 2013 football season

August is such a great time for football fans. For Pitt State football 2013 brings a ton of excitement and anticipation for Gorilla fans. [READ]

Thanking the football gods

While it's tough to see Valdosta State hoist the trophy, now is the time to appreciate what can happen when a good team seizes every opportunity fate allows. [READ]

TeamKong wishes you a Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time for reflection. This year quickly went from football season to recruiting season. Here's what we're thankful for and what we have to look forward to in the coming year. [READ]