Remember: 5:50 and 6:50 PM this Saturday

By: Wayne Gilmore, Team Kong Editor
Sep 4, 2013

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It is hard to believe the 2013 version of the Gorillas make their season debut at home for the first time in the Tim Beck era.  Opening on the road for the past three seasons, it will be nice to start the season off right in Carnie Smith Stadium. 
For years I have referred home PSU football games as “Holidays in Pittsburg, KS” and for good reason.  It has been well documented that the gameday atmosphere at Pittsburg State University is the best in Division II.  Undoubtedly there will be fans who will be making their first trip to “The Jungle” while there are others who do not realize what will happen at both 5:50 and 6:50 on Saturday night.  Two “must see” events.  Both events are ways to honor the history that is Gorilla football. 
For years the Gorilla football team walks over from the locker room in the Weede to Carnie Smith Stadium at one hour and 10 minutes before kickoff.  Fans line the walk cheering and wishing the team good luck.  It has become quite a tradition.
In 2010, Coach Beck added to the tradition.  He came up with the idea to invite Gorilla football alumni back to the first home game each season and walk over with the team.  Dozens of alumni from the 1950’s through 2012 will be walking with the team on Saturday.  This was an oustanding idea by Coach Beck to engage football alumni, provide an annual reunion for this football family. 
If you have not seen the walk, this is the one to see!
When the Jungletron made its debut a few years ago, the Athletics Department along with University Communications have created some very energizing and entertaining openings.   To view this, make sure you are in your seat at 6:50 (10 minutes prior to kickoff).  Being in your seats to see the video, insures you are there for kickoff and ready to make Carnie Smith Stadium rock!

Get in the stadium to see the video.  It will be a tribute to our history and to this team.   
There is no doubt this Saturday will be electric at Carnie Smith Stadium.  Enjoy the tailgating and seeing old friends and make new ones. 
There are only five (regular season) “Holidays at Pittsburg State” make the most out of each and every one!
Go Gorillas.

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