Could this be the final Fall Classic at Arrowhead?

By: Wayne Gilmore, Team Kong Editor
Oct 13, 2013

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The stage is once again set.  The twelfth installment of the Fall Classic at Arrowhead will take place this coming Saturday. Kickoff is set for 3:00 PM. Both teams have done their part, defeating all six teams on their schedule.

As has been the case many times, both teams will be ranked in the top 10, and Northwest and Pitt likely will be ranked #2 and # 7 respectively when the poll is released tomorrow.

If you are a Pitt State fan this is a game you need do whatever you can to attend.  It is shaping up to be a monumental match up.   Both teams have had tremendous offensive output so far, and both defenses have had several impressive outings.  While Pit State is only 3-8 at Arrowhead, the Gorillas have played the Bearcats very, very well under Tim Beck. In fact, under his helm PSU is 2-2 against NW (1-2 at Arrowhead with both losses close games)

Until a couple of weeks ago, fans from both sides were resolved this series was going to stop for two years, then the MIAA schedule changed going forward (don’t worry is will change yet again). So the rivalry is back on for 2014, but if I were betting I’d say it will not be at Arrowhead.

While the game and the atmosphere itself are great, seeing the last match up between Pitt and Northwest at Arrowhead is something we all need to take in and savor. 

No, I do not have any inside information, but as I analyze the situation it makes sense that this is the final installment of the Fall Classic at Arrowhead. 

Many like myself, who have wanted this game back on campus for years, are probably pleased that I am saying this and hope I am correct.  Well, while I do feel we are done playing NW at the home of the Chiefs, I do not think the game is going back to campus next season either. 

Sporting KC has been making it known they are quite interested in hosting the D2 National title game.  They are going to make a bid and many think they have a great chance to land the game.  They have the facilities.  They have the hotels. They have the airport.  They are located in the hub of the MIAA. (I still would hate for the game to leave Florence, but as North Alabama transitions out of d2 it probably will need to move)

So my prediction is that the Bearcats and Gorillas will play next season at Sporting Park in the Legends in Kansas City, KS.  If you have not been there, it is a fabulous venue.  Their home soccer games have an electric atmosphere and the capacity will fit quite nicely with the crowd sizes the Fall Classic will draw.

I’m not sure it will have the recruiting curb appeal Arrowhead does.  It will not quite have the luxurious details but it will probably be a less expensive venue, and therefore more profitable for the schools. It will be something new for fans, the change might entice more fans to come, who have not made the game in a few years.  

With all of this being said, if they do what I predict for next season, I hope they decide to make it a rotating event: Off-site, campus, off-site, campus.  Bring it back to campus every other year, and let the businesses of each school enjoy the revenue at home for a change when these two face off.  I wish the money side of things wasn't so important and this game could just be on campus each and every year.  Regardless, fans of both school enjoy this rivalry and are glad it is continuing in 2014.

Do not miss (I predict) the last time we play Northwest at Arrowhead.  Get your tickets now.   Call 620-235-4796 or get more information here:

Go Gorillas!

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