The whirlwind that was 2013

By: Wayne Gilmore, Team Kong Editor
Dec 31, 2013

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As a ten year old I remember my great grandfather saying, “the older you get, the faster time goes.”  At the time that statement meant very little, but as I turned 20, 30, and 40 his words ring more true every year. 

In many ways it seems impossible that I graduated from Pittsburg State twenty years ago, but in other ways that seems like ages ago.  All of us have great Pitt State memories:  Some from our youth, many from our college days, and others as adults. 

Each and every season leaves us with new memories of our beloved Gorillas.  

The 2013 season was exciting and record breaking in many ways.  John Brown broke pretty much every receiving record at PSU.  Nate Dreiling solidified himself as the all-time tackle leader in Pitt State History and also 4-time All-American.  Anthony Abenoja has already broken some of his own records once, and will likely break some of them again, while establishing others.  

We all have our own opinion on success but for me 2013 was a success for Gorilla Football.  The post-season honors have been many for this team, and its now our turn to award our annual honor. 

Later today we will announce the Teamkong Player of the Year winner.  This award has been given since 2003, and honors the SENIOR chosen by fans to be their “player of the year” Everyone defines that differently when they vote.  Some make it a career award, others an MVP, while others select simply whom their favorite player might be.  Regardless, in 2013 we have two players who more than deserve this award.

Many have stated voting for John or Nate was almost like trying to pick your favorite child, and chose not to vote.  It’s not easy.  Both players will go down as two of the greatest in the history of Pitt State Football.  But in the end there was a clear-cut winner based on the fan vote, as they will join Aaron McConnell, Joe Taylor, Germaine Race, Zac Robinson, Mark Smith, Kendall Fisher, Alex Kuhlman, Zac Dickey, and Gus Toca on the Teamkong POY list.

Personally for me 2013 has been an amazing year.  I am blessed to be able to continue this site, and this year was able to partner with PSU Athletics for the first time.  Dan Wilkes is the best in the business.  Thank you Carla Wehmeyer and Justin Beasley for our outstanding images.  Our website exists today because of the talents of my partners Andy Wachter and Tom Van Hoy.   We are so fortunate to have both of them and their talents.  Also, thank you to Brian Pommier for again making Gorilla football his writing beat.

I have no doubt that 2014 will be another year for the record books for Pittsburg State Gorilla Football.

Go Gorillas!

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