Family Day in The Jungle Enter stadium by 6:30

By: Wayne Gilmore, Team Kong Editor
Sep 18, 2013

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Random Thoughts

The Gorillas are 2-0 and we are all set for another ‘Holiday in Pittsburg’ this Saturday. As of this writing every seat is sold and the ticket office is selling SRO (standing room only) tickets while they last.  If you have a ticket or tickets please login in to the Teamkong message board and let others know.  You will easily get rid of them.  Feel free to sell or give them away.  There is no need to hold onto tickets you can’t use. 

Its Famly Day in the Jungle.  This week there will be many parents who will be likely attending their first Gorilla Football game. Make them feel welcome and be loud.  I was recently watching a video from right after Coach Beck was hired.  At that time he challenged the fans.  He said we do a great job making noise when we are on defense on 3rd down, but our fans need to be loud on first down so the oppoition has a false start and has a first and fifteen.  Something to remember. 

Last week I encouraged fans to get in the stadium early to see the intro video and cheer the team onto the field.  Hopefully PSU will have several more ticket lines.  There were many unhappy people who did not get to their seats until well into the first quarter.  Be smart though, start cleaning up your area and start heading into the stadium at 6:30.  If you get in line then you should make it into the stadium on time!!!

As expected Central Oklahoma was not a very good team, although they had two very good players.  Hopefully you listened to Coach Wiemers discus with Tom VanHoy on the Teamkong Podcast this week. He said the defense did not play well, and made several assignment mistakes.  (he was talking mainly of the first teamers who only gave up 10 points) Many of these mistakes we as fans cannot see, but against good teams those mistakes turn into big plays. These September games should allow the Gorillas to work out all of these miscues and prepare them for the gauntlet known as October. 

I really like the progress of our offense.  With Watkins out, we are very, very young at running back but they have done a nice job.  Again, our September schedule is favorable for the RB’s allowing them to get carries and acclimate to the offense as well as speed of the game.   Abenjoa has done what I hoped, effectievely run the football.  While John Brown has not has any huge games, he has not had too.  He draws so much attention, he makes our offense better just being on the field. 

Southwest Baptist is probably better than most of us think, but they are still not very good. Their QB is mobile and likes to throw the ball.  They run a lot of different sets and are pretty creative offensively.  Like the first two teams we played, defensively they are not very good.  The Gorilla will roll. Stay and enjoy the whipping.  Most of all be loud.  This will be another great night in Carnie Smith Stadium.

Remember to get in line to enter the stadium by 6:30. You do not want to miss the opening kickoff

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